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Start raising capital for your startup in 90 days.

Reaching out to investors is a big step for any founder. 🤝💵
Join a group of like-minded entrepreneurs who are taking the leap, and get expert guidance through the fundraising process—from prep to investor outreach and beyond.


Expertise by the numbers


Helped Raise




Largest Raise

6 days

Fastest Raise

Month by month


Build your foundation.

Do you know what it takes to get funded?

Explore the funding process and your funding options.
Outline and draft all of the materials you'll need for investor outreach.


Refine your approach.

Does your startup stand out from the crowd?

Hone your drafts into investor-ready documents and perfect your pitch. Gain insight and confidence through peer critiques and expert advisory.


Reach out and connect.

Do you have the right connections to get money?

Connect with more than just investors. Learn to develop real relationships by giving first—find partners and advisors, and build your own investor network. Give and get support from your peers throughout the entire process. 

March Fundraising Cohort (Starts Monday March 6, 2023)

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 to the next level. 

What You Get In The FundHustle Cohort

Get ready to find the funding your startup needs to flourish

Billion Dollar Consulting

Get access to a high-dollar fundraising consulting who has helped startups raise $1Bn since 2017

800+% ROI Marketing Pro

Tactics and insights from a serial C-level marketer with 800+% ROI averaged over five years

Your Own Investor Network

Build a network of investors you can tap again and again (hello, next series & serial entrepreneurs)

Step-By-Step Guidance

From planning to outreach, get clear initiatives every step of the way to keep you on track

Supportive Environment

Feel the difference it can make to have the whole founder brigade rooting for your success

Lifelong Access To The FundHustle Network

Band together to find partners, mentors, and friends who share in your founder journey

Ready to get started?

"...93.75% off of a fundraising consultant retainer and 99.5% off of a broker-dealer success fee."

Keep your funds for your startup.

When you think about raising capital, you probably have a lot of things in mind that you want to purchase to improve and grow your business—time from high-quality talent, new tech or equipment, new locations. What you probably don't  spend time dreaming about is handing over a 3-7% of your raise (plus equity!) for a broker-dealer to guide you through the fundraising process. (At a middle-range 5% success fee, that's $167k/mo on a 90-day $10M raise! Again, plus equity!)

Working with a fundraising coach can be of great benefit, as long as you get one who is knowledgeable (like Matthew here at FundHustle!). You also want a fundraising consultant who can do more than just spam a list of potential investors. Oh, and if you're thinking about paying a consultant a success fee instead, don't. In the US, paying a consultant a success fee can result in founders having to give all of the money back to their investors plus interest and can even lead to lawsuits, fines, and jail time. (yikes!)

Fundraising consultants range from around $60/hr for newbies up to $200+/hr for accomplished consultants. Assuming you want a seasoned consultant for $200/hr, you're looking at $16K/mo flat rate for a 20 hours per week retainer.

The FundHustle cohort costs $1K a month, and your whole team can join in. For a $10M raise over 90 days, that's 93.75% off of a fundraising consultant retainer and 99.5% off of a broker-dealer success fee. 


Who runs the cohort?


Fundraising Consultant, Founder of FundHustle, & Fractional CMO

Marketing expertise: I’ve consistently delivered on marketing campaigns with an 800%+ ROI (averaged over five years).  $3M added revenue in my first year as CMO of IBC Group. Becoming a fractional CMO has empowered me to benefit more people at once. 

Get everyone on the same page.

Founders. CMOs. CFOs. Monthly price includes access for your whole team.

“If you're on the fence about Matthew, get down immediately, pull out your wallet, and hire him. You'll be glad you did."

Ken M. - Agency Founder

Great pricing plans tailored to your business.

Get into the cohort early and get a special first-mover's rate* and an exclusive NFT that will grant access to other FundHustle events and content. 

*Price available for registrations now through February 15th.

💞💞💞 Love is in the air! Use code VDAY to get 40% off of the cohort + bring another founder you 💖 for free. 💞💞💞

  • $1K
  • Per Month
  • Founders unite!
  • Save 93% with this plan
  • vs. private consulting

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